Online Programs FAQs

  • What do I need to complete the e-courses?

    To join our e-course you will need a computer, a working internet connection and a willingness to learn. Each e-course may have additional exercise equipment requirements that are listed on each e-course's page.

  • Do I need a pole to participate?

    Not at all. These courses are designed to be completed off the pole, so access to a pole isn't required.

  • Are these courses suitable for aerialists too?

    Absolutely! Our online programs are suitable for aerialists (lyra, silks, trapeze, circus), dancers and gymnasts, as well as pole dancers. If you're unsure if a course would be suitable for you, please contact us at [email protected] to ask.

  • What level pole dancer should I be to do the online e-course?

    Pole dancers and aerialists of all levels are invited to participate in the e-courses. The information in our e-courses is relevant for pole dancers of all levels from beginners through to professionals. Instructors especially are encouraged to join.

  • What currency is the pricing in?

    All of the pricing for our programs and e-courses are in USD (Except for our Pole Mamas course). Payments for e-courses and programs can be made via PayPal and Stripe.

  • Do I get lifetime access to the course when I purchase it?

    Yes - that's the beauty of our e-courses! Once you purchase access to our e-courses, you will receive ongoing access to it. And the best bit is that our e-courses will be updated when new information is released within the medical community, meaning you'll never be out of touch with research.

  • Will these e-courses help me with an injury?

    These e-courses are not designed for injury. For tailored programs and rehabilitation specific to your injuries, or for personalised programming to achieve your goals, please book an online appointment with a member of our team. To make a booking, please visit

  • How do I access my e-course once I've paid for them?

    Once you have purchased your e-course or program, you will be prompted to sign in (using an email, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Apple sign in). You will be able to access your programs in the menu under “My Dashboard”. You can also manage your account and contact us for support here too.

  • Who do I contact if I need support?

    For technical support, payment or access issues to the e-courses, please email The Pole Physio team at [email protected] and we'll reply to you as soon as possible.