Course curriculum

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    2. Meet Pole Physio Simone

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    1. Joints of the Shoulder

    2. Movements of the Glenohumeral Joint

    3. Movements of the Scapulothoracic Joint

    4. Anatomy of the Shoulder Overview

    5. Glenohumeral Joint Anatomy

    6. Passive Shoulder Stability

    7. Active Shoulder Stability - The Rotator Cuff

    8. Active Shoulder Stability - The Posterior Shoulder Muscles

    9. Active Shoulder Stability - The Anterior Shoulder Muscles

    10. Requirements of the Shoulder in Pole Dance

    1. Overhead Shoulder Biomechanics - Elevation and Upward Rotation

    2. Overhead Shoulder Biomechanics - Scapulohumeral Rhythm

    3. Overhead Shoulder Biomechanics - Posterior Tilt & Rotation

    4. Overhead Shoulder Biomechanics - Glenohumeral Rhythm

    5. Overhead Shoulder Biomechanics - Clavicle Rotation

    6. Overhead Shoulder Biomechanics - Humeral Rotation

    7. Behind the Back Shoulder Biomechanics - Scapulohumeral Rhythm

    8. Where Should My Shoulder Blade Be?

    1. What is Hanging?

    2. Overhead Cueing for Pulling - Part 1

    3. Overhead Cueing for Pulling - Part 2

    4. Overhead Cueing for Pushing

    5. Cueing Recap

    1. Is Twisted Grip Evil?

    2. Am I Ready for Twisted Grip?

    3. True, Twisted and Cup Grip - Key Differences

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